Property Taxes Payments And Property Tax Reduction Guidelines

Many people pay there property taxes in the tax year and claim there taxes on their income taxes for that year. For example, the year 2007, you receive your property tax bill in December and pay the tax immediately. You can then claim the property taxes on your income tax. If your wait until January of 2008, you will have to claim the property taxes for 2008. There are different reasons for paying your taxes right away and there are reasons for waiting until the following year. Deciding when to pay your taxes may be determine by thinking about your current tax liability.

People who are low income and can apply for a homestead credit will need a copy of the tax bill to send to the state agency that handles the homestead credit. If two people are on the tax bill and only one is claiming the homestead credit, that person does need to meet the requirements for total income. There are different guidelines to follow for this type of filing. You can submit a homestead credit request even if you did not pay the property tax for the tax year you are claiming. This stated on the homestead form itself.

Are you entitled to a property tax reduction?

A property tax reduction is not as easy to obtain, as one would think. If a mortgage appraiser over exaggerated the fair market value price of your home so you could get the refinancing. Could this affect your assessed value? It might not play a big part in the assessed value, but it is considered when rendering the final assessment.

A property tax reduction also comes from applying for a different status on your property tax bill. If you bought a two family home and converted it into a single-family home, you are entitled to a reduction in property taxes, only if you did not increase the value of the property. Single family and two family properties have different tax rates. You can have this adjusted by visiting the taxing authority and filling out the paperwork to change the classification of the property. Once this is accept by the committee, your property will be reassessed and a different tax rate will be used to determine your new property tax liability.

For low income homeowners owners, the county treasure’s office or an online source can supply you with a hardship application. You need to have proof of ownership, income documents, identification and proof of residency. You can also receive information on challenging your property tax increase, obtaining more time to pay, how to obtain relief from property taxes in the future and find information from company’s that offer low income financial assistance.

To summarize deferrals and reductions in property taxes, one would say that low income homeowners can receive a tax reduction, but you do have to meet with special circumstances. Veterans can receive a reduction of taxes, but they may only receive a percentage that meets with the guidelines of the qualifications. Not everyone is going to receive a deferral or a reduction just because he or she falls into one of these categories. It is all up to the taxing committees whether you are accepted or denied. All you can do is apply and wait for a decision by the community committee.

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